Nebraska Code Camp – NuGet Session

Thanks for all who attended the Nebraska Code Camp and joined the “Using NuGet to get the most out of your Common Components” Session.  During the session we discussed how NuGet can help out with common components and demonstrated how to create and consume your own NuGet packages.

Final Thoughts

We walked through examples of .dlls, static content (html, CSS JavaScript, etc..) and transformations of C# code and web.configs.  Now that you have the capabilities to create your own NuGet packages, have seen examples of different usages and have seen multiple ways on packing & pushing, how are your going to NuGet to get the most out of your common components?

Apply What You Learned…

Can you create packages for your common components and develop a repository of tools to pull into your applications to speed up your development?  What common components do you already have?  Authentication, Authorization, Custom Errors, Custom jQuery Validation, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies, CSS….

How are you going to integration NuGet packaging into your SDLC?  Build Automation?  Governance?  Guidelines?  Definition of Done (DoD)?

Are you going to stop Yak Shaving and start creating NuGet Packages?  Build your tools so you can be fast!

“Firms today experience a much higher velocity of business change.  Market opportunities appear or dissolve in months or weeks instead of years”

Sample Code

Download the sample code:  NCC – NuGet Sample Code

NuGet Commands:

nuget spec
nuget pack
nuget push *.nupkg -source <your repo location here>

Editing Project File to include MSBuild Targets:

  <Target Name="AfterBuild" DependsOnTargets="Publish" Condition="'$(Configuration)' == 'Release' ">
  <Target Name="Package">
    <Exec WorkingDirectory="$(BaseDir)" Command="nuget pack -Properties Configuration=$(Configuration)" />
  <Target Name="Publish" DependsOnTargets="Package">
    <Exec WorkingDirectory="$(BaseDir)" Command="nuget push *.nupkg -Source C:\NRB\workspaces\source\Demos\NuGet\Repo" />
Nate Bunton

Nate Bunton is a Lead Software Engineer at Meta Payment Systems. He has over 10 years developing software and leading teams. He works with the Microsoft technology stack focusing in ASP.NET, MVC, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Web Security. Nate also focuses on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) engaging his teams with key stakeholders using a variety of agile principals. At Meta Payment Systems, Nate has been a leader in driving technology in the enterprise from new Web Technology to Service Oriented Architecture using WCF and NServiceBus. Nate’s greatest passion is for User Experience, Web Technology and Engaging Teams. He is driven by his desire for continuous learning & improvement.

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