JSON.stringify support for IE7 – Continued


I previously posted JSON.stringify support for IE7.  The post describes issues with IE7 support for JSON.stringify.  I recently came across another solution that does not require referencing the Douglas Crockford’s json2.js script.

The Even Simpler Solution…

Add the following code to an existing script or right on the page.  The JavaScript code looks for JSON.stringify function from the browser, if it is null then it falls back to the method defined below.

By adding this code, you can use JSON.stringify without concern for browser support See Cross-browser JSON Serialization in JavaScript for additional details.

var JSON = JSON || {};
JSON.stringify = JSON.stringify || function (obj) {
    var t = typeof (obj);
    if (t != "object" || obj === null) {
        // simple data type
        if (t == "string") obj = '"' + obj + '"';
        return String(obj);
    else {
        // recurse array or object
        var n, v, json = [], arr = (obj && obj.constructor == Array);
        for (n in obj) {
            v = obj[n]; t = typeof (v);
            if (t == "string") v = '"' + v + '"';
            else if (t == "object" && v !== null) v = JSON.stringify(v);
            json.push((arr ? "" : '"' + n + '":') + String(v));
        return (arr ? "[" : "{") + String(json) + (arr ? "]" : "}");
Nate Bunton

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