Author: Nate Bunton
Nate Bunton is a Lead Software Engineer at Meta Payment Systems. He has over 10 years developing software and leading teams. He works with the Microsoft technology stack focusing in ASP.NET, MVC, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Web Security. Nate also focuses on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) engaging his teams with key stakeholders using a variety of agile principals. At Meta Payment Systems, Nate has been a leader in driving technology in the enterprise from new Web Technology to Service Oriented Architecture using WCF and NServiceBus. Nate’s greatest passion is for User Experience, Web Technology and Engaging Teams. He is driven by his desire for continuous learning & improvement.

Making the Agile Shift – Siouxland IT Symposium

At the 7th Annual Siouxland IT Symposium, I presented “Making the Agile Shift”. Agile Software Development is on the rise, are you making the shift or thinking about it?  In this session we will discuss some fundamentals of agile software development

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A Look Back at HDC 2014

The 2 day Heartland Developers Conference (HDC) in Omaha was again full of a variety of topics.  The keynotes and breakout sessions covered everything from Agile Practices to Build & Test Automation to Architecture Patterns.  HDC 2014 delivered a great

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Nebraska Code Camp – NuGet Session

Thanks for all who attended the Nebraska Code Camp and joined the “Using NuGet to get the most out of your Common Components” Session.  During the session we discussed how NuGet can help out with common components and demonstrated how to

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IE 11 Browser Statements – Bug

More Fun with IE Browsers… IE has come a long way with browser support, you understand how to developer across browsers and versions.  If you are on IE11 and you are trying to downgrade your browser to test previous versions

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Say Goodbye to IE Compatibility Mode Troubles

What is Compatibility Mode? Internet Explorer (IE) is a Web Developer’s best friend (ha ha).  IE is notorious for being the problem child when it comes to HTML, JavaScript and CSS browser support. Internet Explorer 8 was promoted by Microsoft

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Using NuGet to Get the Most Out of Your Common Components

Overview: NuGet is a powerful package manager for .NET developers, but are you getting the most out of NuGet for your Common Components?  Do you have your own NuGet repository?  Are you creating NuGet packages?  We will take a deeper

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jQuery Validation – Dates, “Say, What?”

A “bug” for jQuery Date validation, how could that be? Recently, an unusual “bug” was reported by our QA Team.  The bug was for field validation for a DateTime property.   The implementation was nothing special, just the standard MVC implementation

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Entity Framwork (EF) Code First Migration – Cheat Sheet

Entity Framework (EF) Code First Migrations are powerful commands to quickly update your data model based on your code changes.  Enjoy the list of commands as a simple cheat sheet. Enable Migrations Enable-Migrations Add Migration Create New Migration Add-Migration <migration_name>

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MVC Script Bundling and the Wildcard

Bundling & Minification Bundling and minification are two techniques you can use in ASP.NET 4.5 to improve request load time.  Bundling and minification improves load time by reducing the number of requests to the server and reducing the size of

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jQuery Versions & NuGet

Background: jQuery 2.x was released that recently dropped support for IE8.  If you want to support IE8, you need to be aware of the version you are on.  “jQuery 2.0 is intended for the modern web; we’ve got jQuery

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