Year: 2014

Making the Agile Shift – Siouxland IT Symposium

At the 7th Annual Siouxland IT Symposium, I presented “Making the Agile Shift”. Agile Software Development is on the rise, are you making the shift or thinking about it?  In this session we will discuss some fundamentals of agile software development

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A Look Back at HDC 2014

The 2 day Heartland Developers Conference (HDC) in Omaha was again full of a variety of topics.  The keynotes and breakout sessions covered everything from Agile Practices to Build & Test Automation to Architecture Patterns.  HDC 2014 delivered a great

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Nebraska Code Camp – NuGet Session

Thanks for all who attended the Nebraska Code Camp and joined the “Using NuGet to get the most out of your Common Components” Session.  During the session we discussed how NuGet can help out with common components and demonstrated how to

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IE 11 Browser Statements – Bug

More Fun with IE Browsers… IE has come a long way with browser support, you understand how to developer across browsers and versions.  If you are on IE11 and you are trying to downgrade your browser to test previous versions

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Say Goodbye to IE Compatibility Mode Troubles

What is Compatibility Mode? Internet Explorer (IE) is a Web Developer’s best friend (ha ha).  IE is notorious for being the problem child when it comes to HTML, JavaScript and CSS browser support. Internet Explorer 8 was promoted by Microsoft

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Using NuGet to Get the Most Out of Your Common Components

Overview: NuGet is a powerful package manager for .NET developers, but are you getting the most out of NuGet for your Common Components?  Do you have your own NuGet repository?  Are you creating NuGet packages?  We will take a deeper

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